Friday, December 5, 2008

The Battle For #2

Also known as the SEC Championship:
(I'm already taking OU (or Texas if OU loses to Missouri) to win it all)
Where's the SEC love, Double K, you say? I just don't think any defense can stop either OU or Texas in the title tilt including the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ah, but more to come on that as it gets closer. First, though, let's take a look at the contest for SEC supremacy this weekend.

I've watched quite a bit of these two teams this season. First off, I am still shocked that a team quarterbacked by Sara Jessica Parker Wilson is 12-0 and the team quarterbacked by Superman is a mere 11-1. Florida's lone loss of course coming to the Nutter in Gainesville earlier in the season. Since then, tha Gataz have been on a roll just pounding opponents.

Bama, on the other hand, has just manhandled teams in the trenches, controlled the ball, and not made any stupid mistakes on its' way to an unblemished regular season. The Saban deserves coach of the year honors.

Another shocking thing to me is that the Bammers are 10 point dogs. Seriously? Teblow is not going to be able to run all over this defense and I think it will be a dogfight possibly going down to whomever has the ball last.

With that being said, I'm defying the so-called experts and taking Bama 17-13.


gerry dorsey said...

if only college football took a page out of hockey's book and played 3 periods instead of 4 quarters.

DoubleK said...

true dat. true dat.