Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow, How Time Flies

The summer is here and the laziness has set in (as is evidence by my lack of posts this month). The Hogs made a great late season run to land in the final four of collegiate baseball teams. Unfortunately, they didn't quite have enough...

Fire power! (sorry this will only make sense to you if you have kids or can't get enough of Ben Stiller movies)

The real unfortunate result was that the CWS finals featured Texas and LSU. I was cheering for a continuous rain delay or a never-ending scoreless tie. Trying to decide who to cheer for in that is kind of like deciding between death by shark or death by falling into a volcano. Either way it sucks and is quite painful, and that's what watching the CWS best of three series between LSU and Texas was like.

The only thing I can say about LSU is that Paul Mainieri seems like a genuinely good guy and it was pretty cool that he got to celebrate his first championship with his dad on the field after the game.

Back to the Razorbacks though, big ups to Diamond Hogs for rebounding from their late season slump to almost bringing home a national championship. The Hogs didn't quite have the fire power or the horses needed to endure a 14 day stretch in Omaha like Texas or LSU, but they left everything on the field and for that I couldn't be more proud of the boys and Coach Van Horn especially since it was the bright light among the big three sports this year for Arkansas.

Now, as college baseball fades into the distance, all eyes will once again focus on the upcoming football season, and I for one couldn't be more ready.

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