Monday, June 15, 2009

Omahogs 1-0, Take On LSU Tonight

Well, we easily dispatched the Cali boys from Fullerton on Saturday, and now we face some real competition - SEC competition. Once again the Hogs and LSU Tigers will square off on the diamond. Only this time, the winner will have the inside track to the best of three championship series.

The Hogs went 1-2 during the season against LSU. The first loss started an eight game SEC losing streak that ended in the SEC tournament with two wins over Florida. The game will be at 6pm tonight on ESPN.


gerry dorsey said...

this is me begging you and your boys.

KK said...

I hate LSU. They were way better last night... gonna be tough for either us or Virginia to win 2 in a row against them now. Texas may be your best bet now. I hate Texas too.

gerry dorsey said...

i agree with everything you just said.