Monday, June 1, 2009

Patrick Beverley Didn't Do All His Own Work? Shocker!

Personally, I've always been under the impression that all collegiate athletes do all of their own work and are never assisted. Ever. Whether they're at Furman or Florida I've never thought it matters. Now? Collegiate athletics has been tainted for me.

Apparently former Razorback basketball player Patrick Beverley was caught cheating last year and that was the main reason for his leaving/dismissal from the University.

"I definitely don't want to throw anybody under the bus," Beverley said. "But people were doing papers. I was given paperwork. Someone wrote a paper and I turned it in. Like I said, I was wrong about that. To this day, I'll always tell the truth. I stood accountable and told them, ‘Yeah, I turned in a paper that wasn't mine.'"

The University stands behind some lame student privacy law and won't confirm or deny anything at this point, but I for one am shocked!

In a reported rumor, Coach Pelphrey may or may not have had this to say:

"Patrick Beverley is a dumbass. You don't have someone else do your work and then turn it in. Back at Kentucky when I used to do papers for Jamal Mashburn we would always get together and read over it and make it sound like Jamal's verbage before turning it in. Patrick Beverley is not a 4.0 valedictorian from Maumelle and his paper should not have reflected that."

After further investigation by our Hog Tale insiders, Beverley's paper that was questioned was entitled "Patrick Beverley's Theory on Quantum and Nuclear Physics."
The "A" that Beverley received on the paper helped him garner a passing grade in his Physics class going from a "F" to a "D." His previous papers entitled "The Po-Po Be Trippin' - A study about the physics of falling" and "Pitbull Fights be Physics-cal" both received failing grades for not really having anything to do with Physics.

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