Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things That Annoy Me - February Edition

Well, with the Hogs struggling in the hoop arena and staring down a game at Auburn tomorrow night, let's divert ourselves from their recent struggles for a bit and enjoy this gem from signing day.

From the things that annoy me category, here is another one of those stupid self-promoting press conferences where the athlete chooses where he going to go to college. Here is defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick and the spectacle he put on in choosing Alabama over Texas... subtitles included!

The part that cracked me up was the part where he said that he isn't afraid of Julio Jones. Ummm, you guys are on the same team I believe now.

Of course, I wouldn't mind more made up press conferences from 2008 like this one featuring a lineman named Kevin Hart out of a small school in Nevada. This dude chooses Cal over Oregon even though neither school (or any division one school for that matter) offered him a scholarship.

Personally, I'm getting a little sick of the hat choice as well. Let's get some creativity going. How about lifesize pinatas of the two head football coaches and the player selects his school by beating the hell out of the other "coach" pinata he won't play for.

Or what if the player got a giant tat across his chest of the team he wants to play for and rips open his shirt to reveal that team, or hires a sky-writing plane to write out his choice.

It would even be fun to have two boxes on a table with money in them and tell everyone that whichever team sent him the most cash is where he will go play and then proceed to have your accountant count out the money in front of everyone.

Maybe the prospect is so good that he tells all the head coaches that they must arm wrestle the other coaches with the winner getting his signature, or the prospect draws up a complicated pirate map and sends the media out to find the treasure which names the school he is attending. Don't tell me the media wouldn't eat this up, because whoever found it would have the exclusive.

Whatever the case, please either ditch the whole signing day press conferences or at the very least do something different besides selecting a hat and putting it on your dome and looking like a damn fool.


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