Friday, June 6, 2008

Humanity Advanced Getting Ungodly Amount of Money

(That looks like a 60 million dollar smile to me)

The best running back to ever walk the planet inked his first professional contract late Thursday night with da Raidaz for a cool 60 mil over 6 years. Twenty-six of that 60 is guaranteed money. The Raiders got a real bargin if you ask me considering Matt "NFL Bust" Ryan is getting 72 mil over 6 years and 34 guaranteed. If I were McFaddy, I'd be thinking long and hard about ditching my agent for getting short changed on the deal.

McFadden is supposedly splitting time with Justin Fargas in the Raiders' backfield. I predict the first time McFadden busts one for about 80 yards and stiff arms a safety into the thirteenth row of McAfee Coliseum that Justin Fargas will become just another jersey milling around on the sidelines cracking jokes and eating hotdogs when the cameras aren't looking.
(As a side note, if it's McAfee Coliseum, do fans get some sort of guarantee that they won't catch a virus while inside the stadium? I think that's only fair if they're going to spend the kind of jack they have to for tickets these days.)

As a completely non-Razorback side-note (though Laker Derek Fisher is a former UALR stud), good job to the C's last night taking down the Minneapolis Lakers. I hate the Lakers. Here's hoping I get to see the replay of the clothesline below 800 more times before the Celts wrap up this series, and maybe the Celts could put in Tony Allen for a few minutes to give Kobe one of these during the series.

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