Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Baseball At Bama

Seven games remain in the regular season for the baseball team with none more crucial than this weekend's trio against the gay Bammers in Tuscaloosa.

The Hogs are 31-14 (14-9 in SEC play) and ranked #11 in one of the 36 collegiate baseball polls somewhere.
The Tide is 32-15 (14-9) and ranked #21 by that same poll conducted by a computer somewhere in some kid's basement.
Keuchel, Forrest, and Eibner are the three projected starters tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday respectively and will be bringing the heat for the Razorbacks.

A sweep would go along ways to giving the Hogs a chance for the West division title with three games coming up against Ole Miss next weekend at Baum Stadium.


gerry dorsey said...

uh oh...a victim of the complete game 3 hitter. good thing too b/c bama's bullpen is laughable.

gerry dorsey said...

what happened?? i missed it.

THT said...

That's brutal...