Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Last Razorback Standing

Well, the man with no conscience, aka Jannero Pargo was the last remaining Razorback in the NBA playoffs until the Hornets couldn't get the job done in game 7 at home against the Spurs. Pargo went 6-16 in game 7 including 13 shots in the fourth quarter for 18 points.

Joe Johnson went out in the first round for the Hawks, and Utah's Ronnie Brewer went down in 6 to the Lakers.

The Spurs remind me of Ivan Lendl. Yes, I'm going old school tennis on you right here. If you remember Ivan Lendl during his playing days in the 80s and early 1990s, he was the most dominant, machine-like, frustrating player to watch. He was never spectacular or a fan favorite, but he always beat your favorite player just like the Spurs do these days. The Spurs are the champs. They keep winning titles without any kind of flare. They are steady and boring and just keep beating your team every year. Now they get the Western Conference top-seeded Lakers for the Western Conference championship. Don't count them out by any means.

Congrats, Jannero on a lengthy and outstanding season even though you probably jacked it a little too much down the stretch last night.

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